Monday, November 12, 2007


I live on a small lake. I think this photo highlights the reason why I love it so much. I'd been working on my deck (a building project that has been going on for far too long) and paused long enough to take a shot of the north end about 45 minutes before the sunset. The light was so much better than what it looks like here, with vibrant reds and yellows.

Don't know about this...

Okay. I tried posting for the first time, and obviously screwed it up. So, for my next effort, I'll repeat what I said in the first one, but in a much more glib and cheeky fashion. I've debated as to whether I should even try this; putting yourself on the inner-tubes is a bit scary and far too self revelatory at times, but then, why the hell not?

My primary motivation for all of this is my passion for the written word. When Willa Cather wrote about an approaching thunderstorm in her book My Antonia, she used two words to describe the rain hitting the hard dirt of that Nebraska farmyard- "felty beat". That blew my mind. I read and re-read that paragraph over and over until I'd brazed it on my memory. Those two simple words open a world of smell, texture, sound, and sight like no others. I want to be able to write like that. Effortless, lean, spare prose is what I live for, so maybe I can actually create some of that here. We'll see.